Low, written by Rick Remender, with art by Greg Tocchini and colors by Dave McCaig, reaches the third issue of the Shore of the Dying Light arc. The series is set in an apocalyptic future, where the sun expands and irradiates the earth, scorching the planet. Humans descend underwater. Years pass, and hope of finding […]

Injection #9 / Rating: 4/5 (Spoiler Free)

Old friends are together again in Injection #9. Writer Warren Ellis and Artist Declan Shalvey continue their Injection saga with some new illuminations as to what the enigmatic Injection is capable of and how it evolves. There is even a moment when the Injection speaks directly to some of the main characters. As usual, the […]

Eddie Berganza: Sexual Harrassment Allegations

Following the untimely release of Shelly Bond from DC Vertigo, allegations of sexual harassment against Eddie Berganza, a long time DC editor, have surfaced. Many are outraged that this successful woman has been fired while an alleged sexual harasser is allowed to remain on staff. The incident involving Berganza happened at Wondercon in March of 2012.  

Vertigo Letting Go of Long Time Editor

Veteran editor, Shelly Bond, will be leaving Vertigo Comics due to a struggling publisher. As many of the major titles for Vertigo have concluded there runs, the company needs to fill those vacancies with new material. Shelly Bond is a casualty that points to the precarious situation that faces Vertigo and DC Comics, more generally.  

The Killing Joke: Portrait of an Absurd Sadist

Originally posted on Praising the panels:
    “To an absurd mind reason is useless and there is nothing beyond reason” —Albert Camus “Reflect upon life, and all its random injustice” —The Joker                                                                                                     Alan Moore’s, The Killing Joke is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential Joker stories in DC comics history.…