The Mighty Thor #7 is the second part of a two-part tale, The Strongest Viking There is. While I have loved the series so far, these two are probably the weakest of Jason Aaron’s run. The guest artist, Rafa Garres, has a style that is far different than the fluid pencils of Russel Dauterman. Dauterman […]

DC Universe Rebirth #1 / Rating: 4/5 (Spoiler Free)

Writer Geoff Johns has released the first issue of DC Rebirth and it is a bold, multifaceted, emotionally charged new direction for the DC Universe. One immediately annoying aspect of the issue manifests itself on the first page where you are instructed to read Justice League #50 and Superman #52 from the New 52. This […]

DC Rebirth Begins TODAY!

The Rebirth of the DC Universe is here and available at comic stores everywhere. The initial issue written by Geoff Johns with art by Phil Jimenez, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis and Gary Frank is 80 pages long and only costs $2.99! Get your issue today and learn what is new in the Rebirth of the […]