Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 / Rating: 3/5 (Spoiler Free)

Suicide Squad

Writer Rob Williams, penciller Philip Tan, and inkers Jonathan Glapion, Scott Hanna, and Sandu Florea have delivered the first issue of the new Suicide Squad: Rebirth series and it is a bold step into an important franchise.

The story is very gripping. At the outset readers will be immediately drawn into the moral questions being raised by the dialogue. The characters have immediate gravity. The needed intensity and tension are expertly present in the created atmosphere. This story has weight and the characters do as well. There is also some suggestive violence that implies further sinister and brutal tones.

The humor is a bit hamfisted at moments, but there are some good jokes that genuinely work organically within the given context. Harley Quinn’s jokes are rather clumsily crafted and haphazardly thrown into the mix, but there is humor to make up for these missteps.

Another small weakness regarding the story is the lack of character development for any of the characters. It is forgivable, given that this is an opening issue, but a little more meat on the biographical bones of these characters is needed.

Overall, this is a substantive opening buildup to a lot of great possible future conflicts. It is exciting, hard edged and a great jumping on point for new readers. Very strong writing.

The art of this issue, however, is quite weak. It is scratchy and lacks compelling aesthetic detail. It is simple, boring and even ugly at times. The colors are decent, but everything else seems bland. The backgrounds feel insipid and rushed, and the panel layouts are unimaginative for such a complex and perverse book. The first splash page contains energy and action, but is somewhat bland in style. In short, the art feels lazy and dispassionate. It is what earned this book its low rating.


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