Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 / Rating: 3/5 (Spoiler Free)

Writer Rob Williams, penciller Philip Tan, and inkers Jonathan Glapion, Scott Hanna, and Sandu Florea have delivered the first issue of the new Suicide Squad: Rebirth series and it is a bold step into an important franchise. The story is very gripping. At the outset readers will be immediately drawn into the moral questions being […]

Black Widow #4 / Rating: 5/5 (Spoiler Free)

In Black Widow #4 Mark Waid and Chris Samnee continue to show a meticulous and passionate command of this beloved character. The minimalist dialogue and expository text that has become the hallmark of this series continues to be effective and refreshing. Reading this book is an extremely fluid experience. It is so utterly digestible that […]

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 / Rating: 5/5 (Spoiler Free)

The brilliant Greg Rucka delivers an absolute masterful first issue with Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1. Yet again, Greg Rucka proves that he is a creator born for the medium of comics. First, as a jumping on point, this is perfect. Any new reader will find this issue coherent and accessible. Even the complex nature of […]

Batman: Rebirth #1 / Rating: 4/5 (Spoiler Free)

Batman: Rebirth #1 has arrived and it is a visually stunning and solidly plotted opening. With the exception of the plain cover, issue number one of Batman: Rebirth is absolutely gorgeous. The dark tones common to the beloved Batman are brilliantly captured throughout the pages. There is also a great deal of color diversity between […]


The Mighty Thor #7 is the second part of a two-part tale, The Strongest Viking There is. While I have loved the series so far, these two are probably the weakest of Jason Aaron’s run. The guest artist, Rafa Garres, has a style that is far different than the fluid pencils of Russel Dauterman. Dauterman […]